Saturday, June 29, 2013

Waite for it....


"That truth is at the bottom of a well is with some people a sufficient justification for allowing it to remain there..."


"The expression of the greater truths may be possible without cynicism, but the sardonic mood is inevitable..."

"A surface of commonplace often enables a man of genius to escape observation..."

"The last lesson of a liberal education is that, at least in the ordinary course, there is nothing that matters..."

A.E. Waite,
Steps to the Crown

While he may be difficult to read due to his approach to prose. Waite remains one of the luminaries of the Modern Western Tradition.

The above is from a book of aphorisms he presented which I would commend to you as something to enjoy and re-read over the years...



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  1. I really enjoy aphorisms, it is a great way of qualitative communication. Many of Nietzsche's short aphorisms are also very fascinating in this regard.