Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post- Presentation Post

Well, it went surprisingly well.

It was actually received quite well, and in the spirit it was offered.

I used a 'Catholic' emphasis that allowed a lot of members of staff to think that it was acceptable within the Catholic context. I used Catholic and Eastern examples and Saints to emphasise how 'mainstream' Christian contemplation on the word of God is.

If you would like an outline of what I presented, please feel free to contact me via this site/Google+ and I'll forward it too you.

In other interesting things, I came across this site today while doing some google-fu on "Magical Schema".

A great Meta-Data project on early Witchcraft in England.



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  1. Glad it went well, Frater.

    Yes, Catholics are viewed as a strange bunch by some Christian folk who would believe they do very weird and strange things... On the other hand, according to a recent sermon from my local parish Anglican priest, some young protestant Christian folk haven't even HEARD of either the Anglican or Catholic churches.

    It's a strange religious world... :)

    And uber cool link - thanks