Sunday, December 9, 2012

Effing the Ineffable...

I came across the description in the title in the context of working in the Western Mystery tradition from the Masonic Society forum a while back and it pretty much sums up one of the major issues of working with the Mysteries.

The difficulty of transmitting the knowledge and experiences you have to others in a meaningful way.

There has been a fantastic outpouring in the past of artistic work around religious, spiritual and related experiences which in my opinion is one of the best ways of transmitting experience. In the Masonic context, the Tracing Boards, the Lectures on the Tracing Boards, the Lodge Room and the Rituals themselves outline the experiences that are Freemasonry in artistic and symbolic ways. The fact that the Lodge is not complete without some of these symbols being present is an indication to the importance of symbols to the practice of our Esoteric art.

My magic, as well as that of many traditions, relies on the ability to communicate with things that are beyond our understanding. God, Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Platonic Bodies, the list goes on. We cannot begin to comprehend what they want from us. We may think we know, but we really cannot understand them. It is impossible for a Butterfly to understand an Eagle, or a Zebra, but we keep fooling ourselves as to our level of knowledge of what the powers we interact with want. We may think we know what we want from them, but the chances are what we get is what we need, not what we want. I have been crushed by the powers that be, only to be more than I was before, but unable to really explain it or articulate the occurrence to others. This is where the need for strong communication is required and the art of our science comes into play.

I undertook art at High School as part of my entry to University and I have not lost my appreciation of how art changes and influences us subconsciously. Perhaps this is the only way to impart true understanding of what we do in the Esoteric, by subtly interacting with images and themes at a level beyond the rational mind. I use the Masonic Symbols mainly and incorporate the structure of the lodge in my ritual work. This is because I am familiar with the symbols and it is my personal belief/culture/life system which I connect with. Use yours.

I am starting a new project built on this appreciation of symbolism that represents a more practical aspect of my magic. We'll see how it goes and hopefully I get some good results. Meanwhile, I encourage you to visualise what you have experienced and put it into the physical world (obviously symbolically, it would take years to fully represent some experiences) to impact with your everyday life.



Sunday, November 11, 2012

That which is in the heart of my hearts...

   This week, one of my colleagues at the school where I work gave a devotion about prayer. Now, prayer is a funny thing, it is many things to many people and is one of the things that is encouraged by most religions as something that is a worthwhile way to spend our time.

  My colleague focused on the idea that prayer can be a quick commune with the divine and that God will know what we want before we know it ourselves. He used a quote from Jesus that advises on how to pray, right before Jesus gives his apostles the Lord's Prayer, Matthew 6: 7. My colleague only focused on verse seven which talks about the Pagans babbling who sought to be heard with their long communication. My colleague was trying to encourage the students to even spend a small moment thinking about their relationship with God, he emphasised that they didn't have to be eloquent of a dissertation, just their heartfelt attention to God.

   I personally would focus on the six verses before verse seven, that condem those who attempt to impress everyone with their piety, praying on street corners and the synagogues to be seen by men. Jesus tells us to go into our homes, lock our doors, fall to our knees and in secret pray to God. Our prayer is to be the simple form of the Our Father.

   Magically this is an indication of my personal practice, I don't claim to be powerful of have all of the answers, a fast track to power or anything like that. I also don't give much though to those who claim to. I do have some associates who are powerful, powerful people, but they wouldn't admit it to anyone. It's the Australia way I guess... I am however able to do rituals that allow me to interact with higher orders of consciousness and engage with the hidden power behind all of the world in a small way. I am happy with my work and using Masonic pattern and systems is where I find myself more often than not.

   I attended the Grand Installation of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia of Free and Accepted Masons the other week, there was no real magic to be found in the ritual, nothing of substance bar the obligation of the Grand Master and his Deputy. It was an open evening with guests and even the Govenor of WA being present. I could feel the difference in the whole approach to the evening. I could not percieve the powers flowing through the ritual as it usually does for me.

  I was not disappointed by this as it was a public event, on the street corner shouting loudly to the world. I had not expected magic and I was actually glad it was not present.



Tuesday, October 9, 2012


  In my previous post, Freemasonry was described as a non-magical but useful organisation which has aided and supported magical undertakings. My key point was that by becoming able to think in an esoteric way the Mason can begin to understand the importance and relevance of hidden things, the occult. Freemasonry's esoteric thinking is created by the learning and recitation of ritual, engaging in research and discussion of the Craft with Brothers.

      An organisation in the USA (mostly, there may be members elsewhere) called the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE) can also be used to explain the importance of thinking in a different way to move beyond your physical world.

     I am not a member of the NGE and the opinions here expressed are my own. I strongly encourage you to explore their literature and conduct your own investigation. As I tell my students, don't just take my word for it. I have nothing but peace in my heart for the Gods and Earths and am on the square with them as far as I know. If any member reads this and is not happy with my opinion, hit me up in the comments section, changes will be made.

    The NGE can be described as an offshoot/evolution of the Nation of Islam. They believe that all Asiatic Black Men are Gods and women Earths. The Nation of Gods and Earths represents the 5 percent of the population who have their eyes open and refuse to support the system (the 10 percent that know the truth) that keeps the remaining 85 percent ignorant and in mental chains (members of NGE are also known as 5 Percenters). A central part of the teachings of the NGE is Divine Mathematics and the Divine Alphabet. There are attributes given to numbers and letter. For example, 1= knowledge, 2=wisdom, 3= understanding. 1+2=3 therefore, Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding. You get the picture. Google is your friend.

     While I do not agree personally with all of the lessons provided by the NGE, I have a great deal of respect for their methods of creating esoteric thinking. By ascribing symbolic meaning to all letters, words, sentences and numbers, they force their members to think in a conscious way about what they are saying, how they think and view things. If you watch NGE youtube vids (I recommend princenamor7777, he is a great guy) you will pick up a style of speech and the way of thinking common to members. They also advocate an alternate way of viewing the world and attempting to engage in life hacking and other related activities.

     By forcing a re-routing of the language centres of their members, the NGE is able to change their members/participants perspective on the reality in which they live. While NGE is not a magical organisation, it is part of breaking the chains of their former repressed though patterns.

     There are many organisations who use a system similar to or on the same basis as Divine Mathematics and Divine Alphabet, I can think of a couple of examples from the Golden Dawn and Enochian point of view and it is a system that can be used by all inside and outside the Nation.

Attributes and symbols are the bread and butter of the magical individual.

We use the ordinary to construct the extra-ordinary.



Monday, September 17, 2012

Masonry as a Beginners School of Esotericism

I mentioned in my first post that Freemasonry is an awful system to conduct magic.

 It is however a fantastic system to train yourself in thinking and acting in an esoteric ways, which can lead to magical outcomes.

 The initiate is given tools to see beyond that which is on the surface and is given an insight into tho possibilities that research, service to others and love of God can unlock. The use of symbolic language and the symbols of Freemasonry themselves give an invaluable tool for future esoteric exploration and tunes the Mason's mind to the possibilities of symbolic thinking. The use of a ritual space, ritual clothing and actions all give the Mason an insight into the possibilities around sacred space.

 With the idea of Sacred Space in mind, the Masonic lodge structure and layout has informed Magical and Esoteric orders ever since they have been in existence in the modern age. The opening and closing of a lodge are particularly at the forefront of my thoughts when it comes to identifying links between Masonry and Magic.

The identification of individuals by a special name (their office in a Masonic Lodge, motto or magical name in a Magical Order), allocation of seating (NE corner the East etc) and the protection and opening of a sacred space by a set ritual (the Opening ritual etc), all of these are found in Magical and Masonic orders, but with different focuses.

 Service is another key part of Masonic and Magical Orders, in Masonic orders it is impossible to advance without service to others; your Masonic Brothers, the poor and needy. The first office filled by a Mason moving through the levels of authority is that of Steward; this is a position that involves assisting the officers of the Lodge and service of food and drink at the meal following the meeting. This is an important idea for the new Brother to engage with. Many people find it hard to adjust their minds to the concept of putting others first and service leading to advancement. The highest office in a Freemasons Lodge is the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, who is the head officer, but also it's chief servant, he does most of the ritual work and is responsible for the running of the Lodge and ensuring it is viable.

 The initiate, much like a new member of a magical order is required to learn certain lessons, study daily in the lessons of Freemasonry and explore the hidden mysteries of nature and science. The Magician does the same.

The focus of Masonry is on morality and virtue. Other associated orders can be considered to be more esoteric in focus, but the central lessons taught by interacting with Freemasonry allows the individual to be able to see a magical point of view more readily.

 This reason is why many of the 'old masters of magic' may have supported Freemasonry as a Magical essential. It changes the way you see the world and interact with symbolism around you. If supports virtues that they praised; charity, faith, justice and other morals essential to being a good Magician.

 There are many other correlations between Magic and Masonry and I encourage the true seekers of light to investigate them, but if you seek Magic in Masonry alone, you will be sorely disappointed. Use Masonry as a tool in your magical toolbox. It will support your studies in ways that may surprise you... In my personal opinion, Freemasonry is emphatically NOT a Magical order, but, it allows the individual who engages with its mysteries to develop an esoteric way of thinking.

There is more to this relationship but I won't give it all away...



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Magical Intention

The intent behind your engagement with magic is possibly the most important and fundamentally crucial issue within beginning you Magical journey. This has been explored elsewhere online and I am happy with the explanations provided by others in the last few days (see Frater Barrabbas here). But I would like to examine the relationship we have with our magic itself.

 How do you address the Gods? Are you attempting to create a relationship that will help you both? Or are you creating a power situation where YOUR needs are the most important? Magicians, particularly those who work with Inner Contacts, HGA, Entities, Godforms and the God/s themselves need to ensure there is an opportunity for all involved to have a result. God/s want to be worshiped and have a relationship with you, entities such as demons will want something to advance themselves etc. You need to ensure you can offer them something (not everything they want, be reasonable) that will fulfil their needs and wants. Give them some support and make them want to engage with you again and help your magic.

 Personally I don't deal with Goetia and Demon magic because I don't like the relationship structure found in application of the rituals. There is a power relationship at play which tinges it with a negative feeling (this is my personal opinion and experience! Merely that!). I do no want to convey the image that everything Magic should be lovey dovey and we'll all walk through the park holding hands and singing songs.

There has to be a give and take, like all relationships. Robust discussion is different to argument. Winners in relationships often become losers due to the creation of a perception that one person is more important that the other and should be more in-charge of the interaction (I was going to put partnership, but the last sentence does not describe a partnership).

 Accepting the flaws of those entities etc you work with will enable you to create long lasting magic that will be better, more robust and more subtle than that of a power based relationship.



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Page One

Welcome to my second effort at blogging! Attempt number one was rubbed out as I wasn't able to dedicate enough time to it. Guess what... after 2 weeks here I am, back at it with a new stripped back effort.

I am not going to post a blogroll or any 'fancy' stuff. Nor am I going to reference to anyone else blogging in the Esoteric Blogosphere, unless it has a link to my point or adds to my posts. No negativity etc.

I am an Esoteric Christian who is working within the Masonic symbolic tradition of the Western Mysteries.
I would call myself a sort of Ritual Magician who has some contact with Golden Dawn methods, which I pick and choose from as I see fit.

While I am a Freemason and use it as a basis for my magical operations, Freemasonry itself is a terrible organisation if you want to train to become a Magician. I use its symbolism as a way of connecting to the current and projecting operations. Try 'By Names and Images' by Peregrin Wildoak and the 'Golden Dawn Rituals' by Israel Regardie, they both build on each other. Also look through 'Magic of the Ordinary' blog by Peregrin Wildoak and trawl through the bloglist off his site, also my old blog, Seeking the Open Door, has a few good links (as well as my last tantrum!).

Find an order that suits you and ensure that they project positivity in their actions, not what they say they are, count the positives, divide by the total number of opinions and multiply by 100. If you get over 85%, go for it. e.g. 100 blog posts, 67 positive, 33 negative = not good enough!

Enjoy and be prepared for some interesting ideas and methods!