Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Magical Intention

The intent behind your engagement with magic is possibly the most important and fundamentally crucial issue within beginning you Magical journey. This has been explored elsewhere online and I am happy with the explanations provided by others in the last few days (see Frater Barrabbas here). But I would like to examine the relationship we have with our magic itself.

 How do you address the Gods? Are you attempting to create a relationship that will help you both? Or are you creating a power situation where YOUR needs are the most important? Magicians, particularly those who work with Inner Contacts, HGA, Entities, Godforms and the God/s themselves need to ensure there is an opportunity for all involved to have a result. God/s want to be worshiped and have a relationship with you, entities such as demons will want something to advance themselves etc. You need to ensure you can offer them something (not everything they want, be reasonable) that will fulfil their needs and wants. Give them some support and make them want to engage with you again and help your magic.

 Personally I don't deal with Goetia and Demon magic because I don't like the relationship structure found in application of the rituals. There is a power relationship at play which tinges it with a negative feeling (this is my personal opinion and experience! Merely that!). I do no want to convey the image that everything Magic should be lovey dovey and we'll all walk through the park holding hands and singing songs.

There has to be a give and take, like all relationships. Robust discussion is different to argument. Winners in relationships often become losers due to the creation of a perception that one person is more important that the other and should be more in-charge of the interaction (I was going to put partnership, but the last sentence does not describe a partnership).

 Accepting the flaws of those entities etc you work with will enable you to create long lasting magic that will be better, more robust and more subtle than that of a power based relationship.




  1. Care Fr MvdV,

    nice to see you blogging again :) This topic is crucial, so it is good to see it raised carefully and clearly. The entire aim of magic I think concerns relationship - with the One, beings, other folk, the earth. That these relationships need to be healthy, functional and not based on ego-needs should go without saying.

    Sadly too many magicians still see the magic circle as as place to conjure and control the powers, rather than a place to invite and celebrate our interdependence.

    Thanks for the post :)