Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Page One

Welcome to my second effort at blogging! Attempt number one was rubbed out as I wasn't able to dedicate enough time to it. Guess what... after 2 weeks here I am, back at it with a new stripped back effort.

I am not going to post a blogroll or any 'fancy' stuff. Nor am I going to reference to anyone else blogging in the Esoteric Blogosphere, unless it has a link to my point or adds to my posts. No negativity etc.

I am an Esoteric Christian who is working within the Masonic symbolic tradition of the Western Mysteries.
I would call myself a sort of Ritual Magician who has some contact with Golden Dawn methods, which I pick and choose from as I see fit.

While I am a Freemason and use it as a basis for my magical operations, Freemasonry itself is a terrible organisation if you want to train to become a Magician. I use its symbolism as a way of connecting to the current and projecting operations. Try 'By Names and Images' by Peregrin Wildoak and the 'Golden Dawn Rituals' by Israel Regardie, they both build on each other. Also look through 'Magic of the Ordinary' blog by Peregrin Wildoak and trawl through the bloglist off his site, also my old blog, Seeking the Open Door, has a few good links (as well as my last tantrum!).

Find an order that suits you and ensure that they project positivity in their actions, not what they say they are, count the positives, divide by the total number of opinions and multiply by 100. If you get over 85%, go for it. e.g. 100 blog posts, 67 positive, 33 negative = not good enough!

Enjoy and be prepared for some interesting ideas and methods!



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