Tuesday, October 9, 2012


  In my previous post, Freemasonry was described as a non-magical but useful organisation which has aided and supported magical undertakings. My key point was that by becoming able to think in an esoteric way the Mason can begin to understand the importance and relevance of hidden things, the occult. Freemasonry's esoteric thinking is created by the learning and recitation of ritual, engaging in research and discussion of the Craft with Brothers.

      An organisation in the USA (mostly, there may be members elsewhere) called the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE) can also be used to explain the importance of thinking in a different way to move beyond your physical world.

     I am not a member of the NGE and the opinions here expressed are my own. I strongly encourage you to explore their literature and conduct your own investigation. As I tell my students, don't just take my word for it. I have nothing but peace in my heart for the Gods and Earths and am on the square with them as far as I know. If any member reads this and is not happy with my opinion, hit me up in the comments section, changes will be made.

    The NGE can be described as an offshoot/evolution of the Nation of Islam. They believe that all Asiatic Black Men are Gods and women Earths. The Nation of Gods and Earths represents the 5 percent of the population who have their eyes open and refuse to support the system (the 10 percent that know the truth) that keeps the remaining 85 percent ignorant and in mental chains (members of NGE are also known as 5 Percenters). A central part of the teachings of the NGE is Divine Mathematics and the Divine Alphabet. There are attributes given to numbers and letter. For example, 1= knowledge, 2=wisdom, 3= understanding. 1+2=3 therefore, Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding. You get the picture. Google is your friend.

     While I do not agree personally with all of the lessons provided by the NGE, I have a great deal of respect for their methods of creating esoteric thinking. By ascribing symbolic meaning to all letters, words, sentences and numbers, they force their members to think in a conscious way about what they are saying, how they think and view things. If you watch NGE youtube vids (I recommend princenamor7777, he is a great guy) you will pick up a style of speech and the way of thinking common to members. They also advocate an alternate way of viewing the world and attempting to engage in life hacking and other related activities.

     By forcing a re-routing of the language centres of their members, the NGE is able to change their members/participants perspective on the reality in which they live. While NGE is not a magical organisation, it is part of breaking the chains of their former repressed though patterns.

     There are many organisations who use a system similar to or on the same basis as Divine Mathematics and Divine Alphabet, I can think of a couple of examples from the Golden Dawn and Enochian point of view and it is a system that can be used by all inside and outside the Nation.

Attributes and symbols are the bread and butter of the magical individual.

We use the ordinary to construct the extra-ordinary.



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