Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keeping it quiet...

As an Esotericist, I find working in an Evangelical Christian School to be a little bit of a challenge sometimes. Scrap that, it's a challenge ALL the time. The inability of some of my peers to even get close to understanding non-literal readings of Scripture is mind boggling. They are all fantastic, caring, charitable and loving educators who have a great love for Jesus, but they struggle when confronted with a different point of view. As a result of this I have kept my membership of Freemasonry, interest in the Occult and the Western Mystery Tradition a bit of a silent fact. I have not denied it when asked about it by students and staff (I do wear a Masonic ring), but I have not advertised the fact openly to my peers. It's sad, but I don't want to come into my office and find flyers and pamphlets on my desk trying to 'save me'. I am already saved and need no help staying in that state.

I am not expecting to be treated differently when my peers 'find out' I am different to their norm, but I know I'll be treated differently... If you know what I mean.

Members of staff are on a roster to do a Staff 'Devotion' on either a Monday or Friday morning. We do one a year and it is a bit of a big deal. The Admin are looking for something that adds to the Christian focus of the school, and emphasis of prayer, a Christian teaching or something that can be used to point at how the majority view of the school is the right one.

I intend to do a devotion on the importance of Christian Meditation/Mysticism and how we can spend time in communion with God without asking for anything. Just hanging out, getting to know God and what God is like. This may involve introducing them to some concepts they may find tricky; Saints, Mysticism etc etc. But I feel that a focus on just being and spending time trying to figure out what we are in the light of our relationship with God. This focus on relationship can turn us from a me first, gimmy gimmy relationship with the Divine and work towards a partnership, much like the relationship we need to cultivate with other forces/gods/essences/eminations etc etc I have laked about earlier.

We'll see how that goes...




  1. I love your idea and wish you the best of luck with this! I look forward to hearing how your devotion works out.