Monday, July 15, 2013

Lives of the Saints

I have been working with a system recently that is based on the 'Catholic' system of worship.

By Catholic, I mean the literal translation of the word to "Universal" and I use this idea as the basis of my system.

A sense of Universal acceptance of all and attempting to reconcile myself to follow the "Path" (path is a poor word for the feeling I am trying to convey and that term makes me a bit sad on the inside, much like the "Journey" reality television participants talk about) that is part of my role in the universe. The feeling is linked to compassions, grace, 'being in the now' (the Taoist ideal of Wu Wei) and the servant role emphasised in the Christian Tradition. Universal belonging and acceptance of the vastness of that that is me and not me.

Many of the outcomes of this magical system have been identifying links, intuition, opportunities, self-actualisation blinks allied with unfolding a greater identifying of the greater skein of life. Appreciating doors to opportunities and taking some, rejecting others and maybe even creeping through the occasional window I may not have seen through earlier.

By utilising meditation of the Christian tradition (yes it exists and I have a bit of info on it if you want) with the mystical lives of the saints and proto-saints of the places where Christianity and other traditions mixed and mingled (Ireland, Spain etc). These saints are focused on because of the nebulous nature of their stories, we know there are gaps and blending in their realities. There is ambiguity about their existence and relationship with pre-Christian deities/worship systems. I also incorporate some symbols from Afro-Caribbean systems, because of their use of Traditional Roman Catholic symbols.

This magical work is based on ambiguity and the unknown. It is pretty much the opposite of the Masonic Work I usually undertake, but a change is as good as a holiday!



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