Sunday, September 8, 2013

Depression and Magic

The correlation between my depression and my magical practice are pretty clear and concise.

The more depressed I am and more triggers are pulled, the less magic I do.

I guess it has something to do with the nature of depression, as an illness depression stops motivation, reduces efficiency, creativity and motivation to achieve goals. All of these things are vital to a magical system.

As I am currently on a down cycle and having to work against the tide, my magical system and practice has taken a beating. But the system itself is the solution and I intend (alongside mainstream Western Medical solutions) to use ceremonial magic to correct my balance and get back on track. We'll see where I end up this time around.

I have been immersing myself in Jung's 'Red Book' which comes in a readers version if you are short of change, like me, and it has been useful for instruction and giving me ideas for operations and ceremonial goals. Biblical work with the Apocropha and Torah have been useful, especially the Book of Tobit, which if you are a Rose Croix Mason, you should be familiar with.

I will be travelling to Jerusalem in December and I cannot wait to be in that place, visit those places and do the things I can. I have been connecting with the Old Testament and attempting to get to the heart of why this YHVH chose who it did and how they reacted to Him. Never really a fan of the New Testament, the recycling of the OldTestament yet denying its validity always rang false with me. I don't mind the shift and love the role of Christ. I just would prefer a bit more respect for Jesus' historical, cultural and central identity.

I thorough recommend the Chumash with Rashi and the Daily Torah available from as tools towards understanding. Remember, the Torah has 70 facets, not just one!



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