Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simple Masonic Magical Structure

Image pinched from Scarborough Lodge #1214 website

Have a room, orientated East -West (can be symbolically orientated, merely think of the directions set in your mind)

Have a central table/altar on which is placed
  • A Volume of Sacred Law of your choice
  • Compass (nautical or builders)
  • Builders square
Have a kneeling stool or cushion in front of the table/altar
A chair in the 'East'

Start from the West of the table facing East and perform your opening ritual of choice. I use a ritual based on the opening of a Regular Lodge (Western Australian Constitution) plus some other Order material I find matches up.

I also use incense and candles within the ritual as well as a 20 minute meditation in the Emblems of Mortality/Chamber of Reflection before the ritual proper begins.

Once the area is cleared, you can commence.

Identify your goal: I usually work for wisdom, understanding, stability and fraternity. The desired outcome must match up with the spirit of Freemasonry, (Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth) or else your asking the wrong system. If you want power and shit, try a system that aims for that, Freemasonry has earthly power, but only through achieving its true goals (Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth) and the love of Wisdom.

I draw a Tracing Board on the floor in the East of the Table/Altar (I use a movable board for this) using Masonic Symbolism based on the goals of the ritual and within the framework of Masonic Ideals.

Perambulate the table/altar three times, kneel before the table/altar in the West facing East and invoke the name of your deity (I use Masonic names, I would suggest you do too GAU, GGU or TMH) 

"Oh TMH, may you place blessings on this your humble servant in this request. May you give me an increase of Faith, Hope and Charity so as I might further your Greatness and the reflected greatness of this Order. As the Moon reflects the majesty of the Solar body, may I/we become lights in the Darkness"

Open the VSL at your preferred passage, selected before hand to resonate with your intentions. Place the tools on the VSL (as represented in Masonic symbolism) and read the Verse that you need for the ritual.

Rise, perambulate three times and finish in the East (technically it is three &1/2 perambulations) use the Grand Royal Sign three times giving "All Glory to TMH".

Sit in your chair and visualise the power coming down into you as per the Kabbala and associated rituals, (use your own research here peeps, I'm not going to make it too easy for you). Link your power with that of the VSL as a conduit to TMH, joining within you and blending the two streams, creating a greater amount of energy than that you or the VSL can generate on your own. (Multiple individuals in this ritual obviously join in the power raising)

Visualise your goal, I tend to vocalise at this point and use a variety of ritual passages and stories from various rites I am a member of to express my goal and focus in on the intent beyond/behind the ritual.

When you have finished your work, finalise the conduit, close the ritual the way that you like, linked to the opening and reflecting on Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Confirm you adherence to your God/s and secure the secrets you have been engaged in.

Erase the Tracing Board using water.

Bless the space and the participants.

Blow out the candles and tidy up. Do not leave the room set up and go for a cuppa tea straight away, clean it up and remove it all as soon as you finish.

Bless the space a second time, then go have your party pies and sausage rolls and high fives all round.

Yes I know this is simple, yes it is easy, that is why I put it up here, nothing revolutionary or mind blowing, just an easy ritual to help engage with Masonic Symbolism.



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