Monday, July 4, 2016

Elie Wiesel Ancestor Work

Stolen from 'Rare View' Blog, sorry
While by no stretch of the imagination is a first generation, white, lower middle class, Catholic son of a Forgotten Australian and a Dutchwoman from the eastern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia a descendant of the tower of literature that is Elie Wiesel. I would like to remember his pivotal contribution to the examination of the Human Soul that is an outgrowth of his Nobel Prize winning autobiography, "Night". I will work to remember him in my deeds as a Shoah Educator, passionate advocate for Civil and Religious Rights and future Gur.

Vale Elie Wiesel, ancestor.

In memory of his work and the delicious irony that is an American War Office Propaganda film;
"Don't Be a Sucker" was posted by The Magpie Mason recently, and sits perfectly.
Once we are divided, we fall.

I close with the sobering knowledge that over 33,000 Western Australians voted for the Right Wing, Xenophobic 'One Nation' Party in this weekends Senate election; the fourth largest primary vote in the State...

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