Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Re-approaching the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram


(This is an ironic post. A group I am a member of just did a training session on the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram last week. I started this post in March, 2016).

My personal religious views have changed over the last few years; with this is mind I have decided to re-approach my magical work with my new religious point of view consciously part of the procedure. This has been both confronting and illuminating to my growth.

This post is bitsy and relies on expressing things that are difficult to express. The post is a whole, to be read as parts and whole (if that made sense to you, then the post will work for you).

In particular I have found the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (LRP) to be a very powerful study of the changes to my magical process. In particular, the power of the names being invoked, my deeper understanding of Hebrew (still terrible though!) and the role that the Spheres, Angels and humans are to play in the Universe as Hashem has decided. The LRP names the forces that are to be invoked and are involved in the ritual. They are not really forces per say, but are part of, and an expression of, Hashem's will to align the universe with Hashem's will.

When pronouncing the Hebrew names of the Archangels; the El at the end of each name is particularly important. El refers to Hashem and denotes the role that each Archangel plays in maintaining creation in alignment with Hashem's will. The flow from this understanding is key to implementing the pentagrams in their side of the ritual space. The first sound of the name is their designation and reason for creation. You link the names of the Archangels to the name of Hashem that is allocated to that direction.

The LRP has an elemental focus that contains an allocation of the cardinal directions with the four Archangels and builds within their forms symbols of the elements. This indicates the importance of working with the elements within Malkuth. The elements make up and are essential to Malkuth as part and whole. Malkuth should not be disdained, but accepted as part of the whole.

Separation of the Archangels from Hashem is impossible, identifying the Archangels as Hashem is impossible, the six rayed star is key...

This is a complex issue, the LRP cannot be ignored for it's importance and relevance to practice. I can see why it was the only magic that members of the original Golden Dawn practised for years in some cases.



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