Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent and the damage done

Well the Lenten season is here, Ash Wednesday and onwards to the glory of Easter reminds us of the suffering of Christ in the desert and brings to the front of our minds the 'transgressions' and lost opportunities to better ourselves in the past 12 months. I for one look forward to Lent. It is a hungry time which serves to sharpen the senses. There is nothing like an empty stomach to bring the important things in life to focus.

Fasting is a regular practice of mine and is an important part of my spiritual regime, it makes the time I invest in something when I am fasting important. I don't have as much energy or attention span so it needs to count, I can't wast my time with irrelevant activities.

Fasting also brings meals with family into a greater prominence. Breaking bread with the family at the main meal of the day increases the joy and attention given to the meal; I value what I have missed which increases my enjoyment of that time.

Magically I work towards creating a 40 day cycle of prayer and effort towards a goal. I have identified my goal and am building it around a rosary based cycle this year. we'll see how it goes.

Lent is a time to value that which you may take for granted, starve yourself of it and appreciate it when you get it back. Focus on the absence of that thing in your life and find how you feel without it.



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