Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is it on your side?

Torah, read it.

Well I have been dealing with some pretty significant things over the last few months. I apologise for the lack of posts (my 2 wonderful followers!) but I have been struggling with the only eternal issue that matters (at least to me) the drive towards the divine.

My intense time overseas at the start of the year; at the heart of humanities holiness; while dealing with the most destructive period of time in history has raised significant doubts in my fight to become closer to the divine.

I have embraced a stronger relationship with G-d, by which I mean the G-d of Abraham and Issac, Moses and Samuel. I have been reading the Torah daily, arguing with my more knowledgable friends and attempting to get to Shule when I can. I have found the words of the Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Abraham Kook and the Psalms to be where my heart is focussed these days. This has not really changed my approach to my Masonic system; the removal of the Saints John from my liturgy has not really been a problem. I have not replaced them with a Torah equivalent, I am waiting to see what manifests through my research and meditation on the issue.

I am not 'going Jew', even though I have been asked that in recent history (said like it was a bad thing? I'm pretty sure it's not a bad thing). I am a Noahide. I take the seven commandments to Adam and Noah from G-d as my guide. I contemplate the Unity of G-d and the majesty of his unity. I revere the mystical connection between my creator and I through prayer, ritual and action. I have discovered a stronger link between my Masonic system and my faith now. It feels as though I have swept away a whole facade that got in the way of my interaction with my system and G-d.

I love it and life is better for it.



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