Monday, May 12, 2014

Everyday I'm Sigilin'

With the advent of new technology, we, as magicians need to take advantage of the new opportunities that face us. Instead of dealing only with the age old methods, we can advance our skills forward using things that are common to our society as well as those that remain from the old.

Technology, knowledge, wealth systems, social structure, transportation (of goods and individuals), availability of tech and raw materials. All of these things allow us to attempt to improve our magical practice.

Smartphones are cool, they are also a possible source of magical operations and actions. music, images, communication and also, as I'd like to discuss today, practical actions. I inherited a Samsung Galaxy 3 due to a lost and found situation and I have been enjoying it more and more. One of the things I have recently been using in a magical context is the lock function. The Galaxy enables you to use a 3x3 connect the dots code grid which allows for a variety of simple or complex diagrams to unlock the phone. Chaos types should be aware of the possibilities within a 3x3 grid, especially since it is possible to multiple contacts on points.

The opportunities are pretty good for us to appropriate simple things like this into our daily practice. Every time I unlock my phone, I reactivate and interact with my chosen symbol. Any more ideas for daily magical use?



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