Saturday, February 1, 2014


The start to this year has been an experience.

I have done some massive travel, made significant changes to my practice and finally gotten to the dentist to get that root canal done. My jaw hurts, my family is happier with me and I have a bit more direction in my career focus.

Magically things have been pretty much on the back burner. While I did/am taking part in Peregrin's working to enhance understanding towards refugee's, that has been about it. I performed some workings while travelling taking advantage of the environment I was in with some nice results, but it was minor and an almost subliminal working.

I had some great experiences on my trip that have given me a new direction for my religious path which I will be unfolding over the next few months and then putting a few insights up here.

Masonically it has been quiet as we break for the summer months and do not start back until March. I have also been waiting on initiation into another order with a more esoteric focus, which I am very excited about.

Other than that, not much has been happening.

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